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5/27/20 - From Sexual Trauma to Triumph: Helping Clients with Sexual Health after Trauma


From Sexual Trauma to Triumph: Helping Clients with Sexual Health after Trauma

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 from 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

Centrum Office Center – 24901 Northwestern Highway, Suite 422, Southfield, MI  48075

6.0 CE Hours for Social Work (MICEC) and MCBAP (RELATED)

Course fee: $99, includes lunch

Presenter: Joe Kort, Ph.D., LMSW

Clients with sexual abuse histories often come to therapy with questions about their sexual expression and the obstacles they encounter in intimate relationships. They may find themselves engaging in trauma reenactment rather than safe, consensual sex and need a nonjudgmental space to explore what sexual recovery means for them. Even well-trained trauma therapists often lack the sexual language, comfort, and skillset necessary to assist their clients through the process of sexual health. This workshop will provide concrete strategies to help trauma survivors live more sexually fulfilling lives. We will talk about sexual pleasure as it relates to each individual clients’ personal erotic code. Therapists will develop erotic empathy for their clients as well as themselves but reflecting on their own unexamined sexual and erotic conflicts they may have as well.  A huge gap exists between working with trauma and helping with sexual recovery for therapists. The majority of therapists receive no sexual health training and don’t know how to have a sexual health conversation with their clients from a sex positive place. Trauma trainings teach therapists that once the trauma is healed a clients’ sexual health will surface conveniently letting the therapist and the client off the hook from talking about details of their sexual desires, functioning and fantasies. Sexual pleasure conversations are absent and avoided.   Very little research is done in this area and this workshop will be cutting edge for any therapist who attends.