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    For health and safety, we will continue to offer our trainings virtually for the foreseeable future. We will likely continue using the online format as long as schools are closed and there are still concerns for indoor gatherings, etc.

    We may need to still postpone or cancel or postpone a workshop at times for a variety of reasons.  However, unless you are notified directly by Stephanie/a Core Learning representative, all programs will remain open for registration - just plan for them to be online using Zoom for the foreseeable future.

    THESE TRAININGS WILL COUNT AS IN-PERSON/FACE-TO-FACE PROGRAMS.  This type of program structure is referred to as "live synchronous" and LARA has verified that it qualifies for in-person CE Hours.  For Social Workers in Michigan, this format will provide in-person CE Hours indefinitely and for MCBAP at least through December of 2020.

    Participants who have pre-registered for any upcoming workshops will be notified via e-mail how this will impact the program. Registered participants will be sent links for Zoom and given further information closer to the program date - typically within the reminder e-mail.


    Please take some time to look at to learn more about this service and if you feel comfortable to sign up for free.

    Step by Step to install Zoom:
    * Pick a device (desktop, laptop, tablet and/or phone).  Participants are able to log-on to programs using more than one device.
    * Make sure that you have a good wi-fi/internet connection
    * On the device that you plan to use to participate in trainings, type in this link
    * If you are using a laptop or desktop, scroll down to click on the download blue box in the “Zoom Client for Meetings” section. Follow the prompts to download.
    * If you are using a tablet or smart phone, scroll down to click on either the download from Google Play or download from the App Store in the “Zoom Mobile Apps” section OR download directly from the App Store or Google Play (type Zoom in the search). Follow the prompts to download.
    * Prior to the training that you register for, Core Learning will send you a message which will include the link and/or meeting ID & meeting password for the training broadcast

    Once you have Zoom installed on your device, set up an account on Zoom.  The basic, free account should work just fine. When signing up, please use your full name (no aliases or nicknames) as we will need to monitor participation for CE compliance and ultimately attendance certificate distribution. Also remember to use the e-mail address that Core Learning has on file for you to set up a Zoom account - because we will be sending registration links to the e-mail addresses that we have on file. Participants may be able to just use the links I send you to register on Zoom with or without using matching e-mail addresses, but just in case, try to have e-mail addresses match up.  REMEMBER TO WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORD OR KEEP A RECORD OF IT SOMEWHERE, PARTICIPANTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN-IN USING YOUR ACCOUNT E-MAIL AND ACCOUNT PASSWORD.

    After registering with Core Learning for a training, you will be sent a registration link and/or a meeting ID and meeting password for that program to also register on Zoom.  Keep in mind, this link and information may not be sent to you right away/upon registration, but it may be sent to you closer to the program itself within the "reminder" e-mail. This step applies to every individual training that you will take online with Core Learning using Zoom. This is a necessary step for each training and should be completed right away upon receiving the link from Core Learning to register. Additional steps will be shared via e-mail, but I wanted to share a general overview of the registration process.

    So in summary:
    *Install Zoom on the device you'd like to use to participate
    *Set up your Zoom account (free/basic is just fine)
    *Register (if not already) through Core Learning to participate in a specific training
    *Core Learning will send you a link and/or meeting ID and meeting password prior to the training - probably within the reminder e-mail - to register with Zoom for the training
    *Register with Zoom for the training and you will then have access to the final link that you will "click-on" the morning of your training to join in!

    Additional helpful tips:
    *The basic, free account is just fine for you as a participant. Any limitations apply to the host/Core Learning and not you as a participant.
    *Headphones or speakers may help to enhance the sound if you have them available.  If you are using a desktop computer, you may need to connect a microphone.  On any device, you will need to make sure that your microphone is enabled and/or you allow Zoom to enable your microphone, etc. - for 2-way communication.
    *There may be times your internet connection is less stable which will cause disruptions. Try to be in the strongest wi-fi/internet connection spot that you are able to be AND possibly reduce the amount of devices using your internet at the same time you are participating in the training.

    On the device you will use for Zoom, make sure to have audio & video enabled (go into your device settings page after Zoom is installed on your device) so that you can "unmute" to ask a question or join discussion or show video of yourself if you choose.  When you are clicking on the final link sent to you at the beginning of the program, click on "use computer audio/join internet audio" when the box pops up or else you will have to dial call in using your phone.

    During these challenging times, we will do our best to accommodate each person's needs and concerns.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests for assistance. Thank you, take care and be well!

    As an additional reminder...
    If a presenter is ill, if we are experiencing significant technology issues, or if we do not have minimum attendance needed to run a training, we will be postponing sessions.  Please make sure that I have the best contact information for you (even for after hours) in case of last-minute cancellations.

    At the end of each program, an evaluation and quiz will be e-mailed to each participant.  Participants should be able to type right on the survey.  Participants should click on a "star" to answer the first question that comes through via e-mail - this should also open up the full survey.  The general questions and course specific objectives are for participants to rate and comment on.  The last section of the evaluation is where the quiz questions are located and labeled.  Attendance certificates will be e-mailed to participants following completion of the evaluation and quiz.  Keep in mind that it may take several days to send out attendance certificates depending on attendance size and volume of trainings, etc.  If you are asked (by survey monkey) to do anything else after you complete your evaluation and quiz, you can ignore that wording.  It would be coming from survey monkey, not Core Learning, so it is not needed for you to complete all course requirements.  Remember to check your junk/spam mailbox too as sometimes survey monkey e-mails are sent there.  Thank you again!

    For any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Appel at 248-933-2673 or

    Thank you for everything! - Stephanie