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To Register
Click on the "Upcoming Programs & Register" Tab to view programs month by month.  Participants may use the online system to register using a credit card OR call in registration/payment OR mail in registration/payment to Core Learning at PO Box 27, Birmingham, MI  48012-0027.  

Continuing Education Earned
Participants must attend the entire course AND submit a completed evaluation AND quiz in order to receive a Certificate of Course Attendance that will be distributed via e-mail after the completion of all program steps and requirements.  The Certificate of Course Attendance will verify the attainment of continuing education hours for that program. Every continuing education program will be monitored and participants not fulfilling these requirements will not receive a certificate. Participants should also expect the implementation of roll-call attendance being taken during the training to verify attendance.  Being absent for more than 10 minutes per hour/60 minutes of scheduled programming, may result in adjusted CE hours earned or forfeiture of credit for the entire course. 

Participants have up to one week following the end of a workshop to complete and submit the evaluation and quiz.  Partial evaluations and/or quizzes may not be accepted and may require re-completion and re-submission.  Participants must receive a quiz score of 70% in order to pass the quiz and receive an attendance certificate.  Following the submission of a completed evaluation and passing quiz, participants will be e-mailed a certificate of attendance.  Core Learning, Inc. has up to 30 days to issue attendance certificates following program completion, but we do our best to e-mail certificates out ASAP, typically within one week.

Program confirmations and correspondence, links, handouts, an evaluation, quiz and ultimately an attendance certificate will all be sent via e-mail.  E-mails are sometimes blocked.  If participants do not receive necessary information prior to the training or an evaluation and quiz within 48 hours following a program and/or an attendance certificate within one week of completing and submitting the evaluation and quiz, please notify Stephanie at 248-933-2673 or  

Participants will need 2-way communication in one way or another.  This means that attendees (whether cameras are in use or not) will need to be able to hear the speaker and host, unmute and speak back OR use the chat function to respond if called upon.  Participants will also need to have their device name recognizable OR allow the host to change their name to be recognizable.

"Face-to-Face" CE Policy

The Zoom platform used by Core Learning, Inc. is “live synchronous”.  For Social Work, this counts as in-person/face-to-face continuing education indefinitely.  For those who have the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professional (MCBAP) credentials, this platform will count toward approved hours as they no longer have a face-to-face requirement.  

We appreciate and encourage participants to have camera feeds on as it does increase engagement in the program, however, CE seeking participants will not be penalized for having their camera feed off or having no camera feed.


Participant Cancelations:
Notification of Participant Cancelation prior to, or just following, receipt of the reminder e-mail

·       Participant may receive a credit hold, credit transfer or full refund
·       Participant may use the credit on file for up to 1 year following a cancelation

Notification of Participant Cancelation prior to, or following, receipt of the handouts e-mail
·       Participants may receive a credit hold or credit transfer
·       Participants may use the credit on file for up to 1 year following a cancelation

Participant Cancelation due to emergency
Participants may use the credit on file for up to 1 year following a cancelation
·       If the participant experiences an emergency, they may request a full refund to be determined on a case-by-case basis

Core Learning Cancelations/Postponements:
·       Participants my receive a credit hold, credit transfer or full refund
·       Participants may use the credit on file for up to 1 year or request a full refund

The participant, or person who registered the participant, is responsible for notifying Core Learning, Inc. about a cancelation.  This notice should come prior to a program when possible.  If prior cancelation notification is not possible, due to emergency/urgent circumstances, the participant or registrant must notify Core Learning, Inc. within 1 week following a training in order to utilize the credit for a different/future training.  If there is an emergent or urgent situation and the participant is not able to notify Core Learning, Inc. within 1 week of the scheduled training, the participant, or person who registered the participant should contact the provider, Core Learning, Inc. as soon as possible under the emergent or urgent circumstances and requests will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

For a “no-call, no-show, non-emergent/non-urgent” situation, the participant/registrant forfeits the pre-paid registration funds and will not be able to receive a refund or future credit holds or transfers for those funds.  

Credit on File 
If a participant has a credit on file, contact Core Learning, Inc. directly by phone at 248-933-2673 or via e-mail at to transfer that credit toward a current or future training.  In this circumstance, DO NOT use the online system to register as it will ask for full payment to register for a program.  Simply contact Stephanie directly to manage the credit transfer.  If possible, please note details of the missed training(s) to more easily locate credit on file.  Please refer to the cancelation/refund policy to help determine if you may have a credit on file.

Grievances must be submitted in writing to Core Learning, Inc. through the following methods:

·       E-mail:
·       Mail: PO Box 27, Birmingham, MI  48012-0027
·       In-person if/when in-classroom trainings resume

Core Learning, Inc. will acknowledge and respond to written grievances within 1 week of receipt.

Core Learning, Inc. will attempt to address and resolve issues mentioned in written grievances within 2 weeks of receipt.

Core Learning, Inc. will maintain records of the grievance and the response to resolve the issue(s) indefinitely within the program and grievance file.

If a participant is dissatisfied with a training with a substantiated grievance, the issue may be resolved by transferring the payment made to future repeat of the same training or a similar or shorter program. 

If a participant is dissatisfied with a training to the point of resulting in a refund, there will be no continuing education hours awarded to that participant.  Participants cannot both receive a refund AND receive CE hours.