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If a training is posted on our website, registration is still open.  If a training session is no longer posted on our website, it is either full or has been canceled or postponed.  E-mail or call for more details if a workshop is no longer posted on our website.  

Currently, all of our programs are live/in-person/face-to-face.  If you register online, you may receive an automatic message about your order being shipped to you.  This is just automatic kick-back wording because our online store is set up as if it is selling "products" to be shipped when ordered.  You will not be shipped anything and when you register online, you are signing up for an in-person training.

If you have credit on file, contact Stephanie directly by phone at 248-933-2673 or e-mail at to transfer your credit.  Do not use the online system to register because it will require payment information. 

Need space?  If you are looking to run groups, hold staff/group events, present Stephanie by phone at 248-933-2673 or e-mail at to learn more about options at our Southfield location! 

Winter is officially here!  This means snow, ice, cold, school cancellations, accidents, road closures & slow, less-safe driving conditions.  We try really hard to avoid canceling trainings due to inclement weather because many are counting on the CE hours.  Please do not assume a training has been canceled/will be cancelled because of bad weather.  You will hear directly from Stephanie if there is a cancellation (e-mail first, then by phone).  If you have questions or concerns regarding your participation in a training that you have registered for, please let me know & we can address your questions or concerns as issues arise.  No matter what - safety comes first, so please keep in mind your local & travel weather conditions, allow for extra time if needed and be safe out there!

For CE and Licensing Information, please contact LARA at 517-335-0918 or at