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What Every Social Worker Needs to Know about Eating Disorders
Wednesday, May 25, 2022 from 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Online via Zoom
2.0 CE Clock Hour for Social Work (MICEC)
Course fee: $0 – there is no fee to attend this program
Presenter: Dr. Marcy Forta
For more information or to register, visit: or contact Kristin Cundiff at 248-702-1016 or   
This seminar will be a comprehensive look at eating disorders. The course will begin with sobering statistics about the mental illness that eating disorders are, the devastating effects and outcomes, costs and consequences of them, as well as their prevalence. The various types of eating disorders, as highlighted in the DSM and what each one entails, how they differ, etc. will be covered. How disordered eating differs from a diagnosable disorder, what the struggle is of someone experiencing one, the various risks for them, as well as the role of appearance ideal, diet culture, and weight stigma in eating disorder and disordered eating onset will be examined. This will be followed by how to recognize a diagnosable disorder, clarifying those who might be at higher risk for one, the accompanying issues and conditions of eating disorders, high risk situations to keep in mind, and what should be done if an issue is suspected. The need for and efficacy of prevention as well as highlights from HAES and Intuitive eating principles will also be covered.